Sensitive caregiving is one of the strongest predictors of positive outcomes for young children. The READY Method™ offers a research-based approach to enhancing sensitive caregiving.

Designed for parents and all those who interact with young children, READY has been used successfully with teachers, caregivers, and early childhood professionals. The READY Method™ introduces the viewer to five dimensions of sensitive caregiving: Respond, Engage, Acknowledge, Develop, and Yield.

The 68-minute DVD features 37 vignettes and shows both mothers and fathers interacting with their young children. Unique to the READY Method™ is the inclusion of both high (sensitive) and low (insensitive) examples.

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The 75-page companion book describes the five READY dimensions and offers thought-provoking exercises to support parents and caregivers in better understanding how they interact with young children.

Use The READY Method™ in parent education programs, professional development workshops for teachers and caregivers, and for prevention and intervention programs aimed at enhancing parent-child relationships.

Drawing upon forty years of combined experience studying parent-child relationships, authors Cynthia Frosch, Ph.D. and Margaret Owen, Ph.D. bring the science of sensitive caregiving to you in this unique DVD and book combination.